Category: Announcements

  • Limited archiving source

    Hi there. Due to my disappearance from the Archivist Discord Server, I now have limited sources to find assets to be uploaded to this website. Reason for my disappearance is not really a thing I want to talk about here. Because of the limited source, I will only review and clean up pages or assets […]

  • What happened to Black Plasma Studios?

    As of this moment, the team behind Black Plasma Studios has halted their animation projects due to some controversies regarding David R. B. (Arbiter617), the former owner of Black Plasma Studios LLC and thus Black Plasma Studios. This led to the possible removal of all content which belongs to or associated with David resulting with […]

  • Welcome to BPS Archives!

    This website is filled with all sorts of archived assets and items fresh from BPS before it was taken down. From simple chat screenshots from Black Plasma Community server to advanced assets from Songs of War We hope you can find what you need here. You can also contribute by making posts or request an […]