Welcome to the Website of BPS Archives

We strive to archive as much as possible that was done by Black Plasma Studios and David R. B.

This is a Fan-made project and is not associated with Black Plasma Studios OR David R. B.


  • What happened to Black Plasma Studios?

    As of this moment, the team behind Black Plasma Studios has halted their animation projects due to some controversies regarding David R. B. (Arbiter617), the former owner of Black Plasma Studios LLC and thus Black Plasma Studios.

    This led to the removal of many assets and the BPS discord due to the association with David, alongside with a rebranding of the studio.

    The announcement was sent by a BPS Director, Matt, prior to the deletion of the Community Discord Server.

    If you want to learn more about this topic, please watch PosiDon’s video.
    Content warning for swearing and of course the serious accusations themselves.

  • Welcome to BPS Archives!

    This website is filled with all sorts of archived assets and items fresh from BPS before it was taken down.

    From simple chat screenshots from Black Plasma Community server to advanced assets from Songs of War

    We hope you can find what you need here. You can also contribute by making posts or request an asset by commenting on a post, which another community member can try to provide with the asset you requested.

    Happy scrolling.


  • BPS Archive

    Community dedicated to Archive Black Plasma Studios past, present, and future. Not associated with Black Plasma Studios AND David R. B.