Arcadian Rift

Arcadian Rift

A First-Person-Shooter game made by David

Table of Contents

Alpha versions

Arcadian Rift – Alpha 1 to 15.

Download – OneDrive

Contributor – SpielefreakJ

Development logs

Devlog #1
Devlog #2
Devlog #3

Attached links
Devlog 1 – Bilibili
Devlog 2 – Web Archive
Devlog 3 – BiliBili
Devlog 4 – BiliBili
Devlog 5 – BiliBili
Devlog 6 – BiliBili
Devlog 7 – BiliBili
Devlog 8 – BiliBili
Devlog 9 – BiliBili

Contributor – BrettPlayMC and SpielefreakJ

Arcadian Rift – Pictures

Download – Google Drive

Contributor – Creeps Ardhana

Patch notes

v14 Patch Notes
v15 Patch Notes
Other Updates

v14 Patch Notes
View Document – Google Docs

v15 Patch Notes
View Document – Google Docs

Other updates
View Website – Reddit

Contributor – Zmakaattack


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