Limited archiving source

Hi there.

Due to my disappearance from the Archivist Discord Server, I now have limited sources to find assets to be uploaded to this website.
Reason for my disappearance is not really a thing I want to talk about here.

Because of the limited source, I will only review and clean up pages or assets made by other community members that is also managing this website and will not post any new assets into this website.

I encourage the Archivists to keep on gathering as much as assets as they can into this website and I thank Spiele for providing the community with this website to find out all about Black Plasma.

And for you, the visitor of this website.
We, as the Archivists will always try to gather as much assets we can archive so that you can benefit from all these valuable assets.

Happy scrolling!
– Creeps


  • Creeps Ardhana

    Hi there. Creeps Ardhana here. I mostly work on this archiving website since it’s beginning and helped the website developement from it’s start. Please contact my email at [email protected] with subject “BPSARCHIVE” in order to contact me about anything Website related.